Episode Sixty-Five: Poltergeists Who Play With Fire – Canneto di Caronia and More!

A poltergeist infestation can be a pain in the ass at the best of times, but what happens when the manifestations cause actual, massive property damage? That’s allegedly what happened in these six tales of fire-starting poltergeists. Tom and Jenny discuss the mysterious town-wide outbreak of fires in Canneto di Caronia, Italy (and how they may have a rational explanation after all), as well as five more infamous cases of “fire spooks” that occurred at Caledonia Mills, Nova Scotia; Odon, Indiana; Macomb, Illinois; Bladenboro, North Carolina; and Orland Hills, Illinois. Were these fires caused by some supernatural entity, by some kid with latent pyrokinetic powers, or by someone with a box full of matches and a penchant for destructive pranks? Have your graham crackers and marshmallows at the ready as we heat up for episode 65.

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Song at the end: “Fire of Unknown Origin” by Blue Oyster Cult.

Episode Fifty-Seven: Spontaneous Human Combustion

So you’re sitting in your comfy chair, relaxing with a cocktail and the newest edition of Smoking Hot MILFs, when suddenly…BLAMMO! You’re consumed by flames that seem to have emitted from inside your body, and all that will be left of you is a pile of ashes and two weirdly intact feet, perhaps still wearing your favorite pair of bunny slippers. On episode 57, Tom and Jenny are talking about spontaneous human combustion…is there really some mysterious force that can ignite a person from within? Or is there always a rational explanation, like smoking in bed or falling asleep too close to your fireplace? Hose yourself down with the nearest fire extinguisher in preparation for this incendiary installment of 13 O’Clock.

Please support us on Patreon! Check out our list channel, 13 O’Clock In Minutes! Also check out Jenny’s horror blog, Goddess of Hellfire. Song at the end: “I’m On Fire” by Bat for Lashes (Bruce Springsteen cover). Part one of Inside Spontaneous Human Combustion with Bruce Dickinson.