Episode Eighty-Six: The Travis Walton UFO Incident (Fire in the Sky)

Back in 1975, logger Travis Walton was working out in an Arizona forest with his colleagues when he reportedly went missing in a flash of blinding light. Police searched for him for five days, but found no trace, and at first thought that maybe his friends had murdered him. But then, Travis returned, and had a bizarre story to explain his absence: he’d been abducted by extraterrestrials. On this episode, Tom and Jenny are discussing the ins and outs of the so-called “Fire in the Sky” incident, which was made into a film in 1993. Was Travis Walton really abducted by aliens or was it all just an elaborate prank? And as a bonus, our news segment features another UFO-related story: the mysterious disappearance of Granger Taylor, who went missing in 1980 after building his own homemade spacecraft and whose case has recently been reopened. Keep watching the skies and keep listening to 13 O’Clock as we blast off into episode 86.

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Clip at the beginning taken from the trailer of the 1993 film Fire In The Sky.

Song at the end: “Fire in the Sky” by Ozzy Osbourne.

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Episode Fifteen: St. Clair Triangle – UFO Over Illinois

Since this IS a mysterious type of show, you knew we’d get around to aliens eventually, and on episode 15, we’re discussing one of Tom’s favorite UFO sightings. Known as UFOs Over Illinois or the St. Clair Triangle, this particular sighting from the year 2000 was witnessed by at least seven people in different towns, four of them cops from different departments. Was it simply a misidentified blimp? A secret military aircraft? Or were extraterrestrials cruising around southern Illinois in a gigantic arrowhead-shaped ship with a fantastic light display? Hell if we know, but we have a pretty good time discussing it. By the way, excuse Jenny’s voice and the fact that the show is a tad shorter than usual; Jenny had a cold when we recorded this. *sniffle*