Episode 221 LIVE: Ghosts of the Queen Mary

On this ooky spooky installment, Tom and Jenny (after about an hour of babbling about nonsense, haha) discuss one of the most famous haunted sites in the world, the former ship and current hotel known as the Queen Mary. From her early days in the 1930s as a swanky luxury liner, through the dark days of World War II, to her present situation as an attraction and paranormal hotspot permanently docked off Long Beach, California, the ship known as the Grey Ghost and the Stateliest Ship Afloat is believed to be home to between 150 and 600 ghostly inhabitants and is a popular ghost hunting destination. Pour yourself some spirits (ha!), cuddle close, and get ready for a creepily nautical nightmare on episode 221.

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Video version:

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Episode Eighty-Three: Flannan Isles Lighthouse and the Death of Elisa Lam

We’re talking about two creepy unsolved mysteries on today’s long, slightly drunken, tangent-filled installment! First up (well, about eighteen minutes into the show, haha), we discuss the infamous disappearance of three lighthouse keepers from Flannan Isles Lighthouse in the Outer Hebrides in 1900. Were they swept away by a freak wave, did some foul play befall them, or were they spirited away by ghosts or sea monsters? On our second segment, we talk about the tragic events of early 2013, when a young woman named Elisa Lam went missing from her LA hotel, and worries about her fate mounted after some eerie elevator footage showed her behaving in a very strange fashion. Days later, her body was found in a large water tank on the hotel’s roof. Was she the victim of murder, suicide, or a tragic accident? Or was there some other even more sinister reason for her bizarre death? All this, plus a fun news story about people’s Amazon Alexas seemingly becoming possessed by dark forces, and digressions about the Mammoth Mountain poltergeist, sexbots, the universal Krusselsphere, why you should never go in the ocean for any reason, and much more! Dive into the murky and mysterious waters of the unknown with Tom and Jenny, on episode 83 of 13 O’Clock.

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Clip at the beginning taken from “Elisa: The Documentary.”

Song at the end: “The Mystery of the Flannan Isle Lighthouse” by Genesis.

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