Episode One-Hundred-Eight: The Boys from Yuba City, aka the American Dyatlov Pass

On today’s cold and creepy installment, Tom and Jenny are tackling an oft-requested, mysterious unexplained deaths case: the so-called Boys from Yuba City, otherwise known as the American Dyatlov Pass incident. In 1978, five young men disappeared in a snowy California forest, only to be found months later with no explanation as to how they ended up where they did or why they ended up dead. All this, plus a brief news story out of Georgia about a Jane Doe found dismembered in a landfill. Bundle up against the inclement weather and warm your frozen tootsies by the fire of episode 108.

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Clip at the beginning taken from “The Boys from Yuba City – America’s Dyatlov Pass Incident” on the Bedtime Stories channel.

Song at the end: “Snowstorm” by Galaxie 500.

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