Episode One Hundred Twelve: The Harpe Brothers and Belle Gunness

It’s another true crime double feature, but this time it’s American history style! We’ll be discussing two cases of some of the most brutal killers on the American frontier…the infamous Harpe Brothers, who murdered at least forty people in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois in the late 18th century, and the legendary Belle Gunness, a ruthless “lonely hearts” killer who murdered somewhere between fourteen and forty victims at the dawn of the 20th century and buried many of the bodies on her farm. Take a swig of sarsaparilla and slap on your spurs, because episode 112 is going back in time for historical crime.

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Clip at the beginning taken from Evil Kin: Something Wicked in the Woods.

Song at the end: “The Ballad of Belle Gunness” by TJ McFarland.

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Episode Fifty-Three: Elizabeth Bathory – The Blood Countess

You know how Count Dracula is usually said to be partially based on Vlad the Impaler? Well, most scholars think that the legendary literary bloodsucker was also based on someone who was arguably even scarier than that: Elizabeth Bathory. The Hungarian countess has become infamous for the horrific torture and murder of anywhere between 35 and 650 young women, and in later years, stories arose that she bathed in virgin blood to retain her youth. Countess Bathory, as a matter of fact, is credited by no less an authority than the Guinness Book of World Records for being the world’s most prolific female serial killer. On this episode of 13 O’Clock, Tom and Jenny delve into the terrifying and crimson-drenched world of the Blood Countess, trying to sort the truth from the myth. Exsanguinate the nearest servants and relax in a tub full of gore (don’t really do that), it’s time for episode 53.

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