Episode One Hundred Twenty Eight: The Toy-Box Killer and the Beauty Queen Killer

It’s two more terrifying tales of true crime on today’s installment of 13 O’Clock. First up, we’ll be discussing the notorious David Parker Ray, better known as the Toy-Box Killer, a serial rapist, torturer, and suspected serial killer who kidnapped women with the help of his willing accomplices and subjected them to the most brutal torture imaginable inside of his purpose-built trailer. Then, on the second half, we’ll be talking about Christopher Wilder, aka The Beauty Queen Killer, who became infamous after an unbelievable 1984 rape and murder spree that lasted several months and claimed at least eight victims, most of whom were beautiful young women who Wilder would lure out of shopping malls by claiming to be a fashion photographer. Prepare a stiff drink and settle in for the ghastly journey into depravity that is episode 128.

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