AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! Okay, okay, calm down, everybody, it’s only Tom and Jenny on the latest installment of the 13 O’Clock Podcast, discussing the bizarre phenomenon of mass hysteria. What causes a group of seemingly normal people in a town, school, or workplace to suddenly develop the same mystery illnesses, begin dancing until they drop dead of heart attacks, begin laughing hysterically without being able to stop, or see killer clowns on every street corner? We covered an infamous case of mass hysteria on our show about the Salem Witch Trials, but on this one we’re broadening the scope, discussing the possible causes behind the outbreaks, and getting into various specific examples, such as the dancing plagues of the Middle Ages, the Tanganyika Laughing Epidemic of 1962, the Halifax Slasher case, the Hollinwell Incident, flying saucers, the notorious War of the Worlds broadcast, the “vanishing genitalia” epidemics known as koro, and the mass clown sightings of the 2010s. Take a chill pill and settle in for a soothing and not at all hysterical episode 117.

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