It’s a drunken American Independence Day extravaganza on this episode of 13 O’Clock! To celebrate the 4th of July holiday, Tom and Jenny are delving into America’s oldest unsolved mystery: the fate of the colonists of the infamous Lost Colony of Roanoke. There are also numerous, slightly slurred digressions into a few funny news stories and probably more stuff about butts than is entirely appropriate. So grill up some hot dogs and light up some fireworks for a strange, sloshed, and star-spangled episode 98.

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Clips at the beginning and throughout taken from In Search of History: Lost Colony of Roanoke.

Song at the end: “Roanoke” by Mr. Betts Class.

13 O’Clock is made possible through support from our patrons and fans: Anthony, Arif, Ashley, Ben, Brandon, Corinthian, Dan, Daniel, Dean, Duncan, Eric, Greg, Ima Shrew, Jake, James, Jamin, Jen, Joanie, John, Joseph, Kieron, Lana, Lars, Lindsey, Matt, Matthew, Michael, Paul, Richard, Samantha, Sandra, Sheena, Sophie, Tara D., Tara M., Tina, Thomm, Valtrina, Veronica & Victoria.

13 O’Clock is hosted by Jenny Ashford & Tom Ross. Channel art and audio & video editing by Jenny Ashford. Music & sound effects courtesy of users jamespotterboy, corsica-s, enjoypa, capturedlv, luffy, kiddpark, and justkiddink. Video clips courtesy of Videezy.

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