Murders are horrific and terrifying, sure, but there’s something that’s somehow even creepier about people who simply vanish without a trace. Were they murdered, did they die in an accident, or did they wander off of their own accord? And how to make sense of the strange clues that they often leave behind? On this episode, Tom and Jenny are continuing their eerie October theme with several of the most unsettling missing persons cases of recent times, including the case of Tara Calico and the disturbing Polaroid found in a parking lot, the bizarre disappearance of a mother and daughter from the same place nearly a year apart, the eighteen-year-old boy who vanished after leaving work and whose abandoned car was discovered with the headlights on and a live puppy inside, and many other ominous and perplexing details about people who just up and disappeared one day. Fix your location definitively in space and time and settle in for episode 62.

Also, if you have a TRUE creepy story that happened to you or someone you know (it doesn’t have to be paranormal, just scary), please email it to me at and we might feature it on our special Halloween episode!

Please support us on Patreon! Also check out Jenny’s horror blog, Goddess of Hellfire! Song at the end: “Missing” by Arcadia.

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